Rich in history, architecture and culture, this city is over
300 years in the making and the 10th largest urban
market in the US. As an investor, retailer or business
entity, this is a market you can’t afford to ignore
anymore! Yes, for years Detroit’s notoriety has been
the basis for a quick dismissal, but have you seen
Detroit lately? In the last five years alone, 1.5 billion
has been invested in major project development, that’s
excluding smaller entertainment, residential and new
business concerns that are revitalizing Downtown Detroit
into an energetic, 24 hour urban neighborhood
...check out the short list:

• General Motors HQ
• Campus Martius Park
• Compuware’s New HQ.
• Comerica Park
• Ford Field
• The Lofts of Merchants Row
• Riverfront Development Project

And these are just some of the developments leading
the Downtown revitalization effort and inspiring others
who understand that the timing is right to “get in” on the
ground floor of an emerging urban market. Detroit is
beginning a new era, driven by an energetic mayor and
civic organizations motivated to prove to the planet that
Detroit is a world class city during the 2006 Superbowl. If
Detroit is not part of your investment strategy for the
future, then perhaps it’s part of your competition’s – but,
like a “hot tip”, it won’t take long before lease rates and
property values begin to reflect the economies of supply
and demand. Smart money invests in Detroit...Now.